Police Brutality in the USA

Police Brutality in the USA

The rough draft must be submitted via canvas, and need to bring 2 hard-copies with you to class–1 for each member of the peer review group.

In order to earn the rough draft points, you must submit a FULL rough draft and participate in in-class peer review. No late submissions will be accepted because these points are tied to peer review.

Some Rubrics:

Academic Argumentation:

• The paper indicates use of research skills through reference to source material
• The paper thoroughly synthesizes relevant literature
• The paper identifies itself as a literature review, staying close to the scholarship being reviewed
• The paper has an obvious thesis that focuses the topic of the paper on the academic scholarship being reviewed
• The thesis is well-situated in relevant literature
• The paper calls attention to the concepts, issues, ideas, and arguments that are current and relevant in the scholarship being reviewed
• The thesis is supported, using summary and synthesis of relevant sources
• Ideas, evidence, and words are attributed to the source from which they were drawn
• All information in the paper is relevant to the thesis

Cohesion and Structure:

• There is an introduction that creates a clear structure for the paper
• The introduction includes definitions of key concepts
• The introduction establishes a structure for the rest of the paper
• The structure established in the introduction is followed
• The structure is maintained with transition sentences and phrases, especially between paragraphs
• Ideas are organized logically at paragraph and whole paper levels
• Paper includes a conclusion that reiterates and reinforces key concepts and arguments in the scholarly literature

Style and Mechanics

• The tone of the paper is academic
• The word choice and paper structure show knowledge of written academic conventions
• The paper has few if any spelling or punctuation errors
• Attention has been paid to grammar of Standard Written English—verb agreement, etc.
• There is a works cited page
• There are in-text parenthetical citations
• An academic style has been applied consistently across the paper

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