Poster Presentation- Advocacy Custom Essay

Poster Presentation- Advocacy Custom Essay

Poster Presentation ? Advocacy Short Introduction Please… 1. Identifies the issue the poster addresses, why the issue is meaningful to the student/ why it is important to raise awareness… ( refer to my elderly poster schizophrenia order # 8158127 ( thank you) 2. Identifies why the issue and the target group were chosen, include research information 3. Identifies how the poster is appropriate both in terms of raising awareness and catching the attention of the target audience 4. Includes related information/ education regarding the topic to increase peers’ awareness of the issue ( at least 3 points of information/ education 5. Cites at least 2 related and relevant nursing articles as references ( must be valid and reliable references ) * References used meet minimum standard; current ( less than 5 yrs old, minimum of at least one journal. Thank you very much.

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