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Open   the PowerPoint file Student_PowerPoint_3G_Travel.pptx   downloaded with   this project.
Change the Colors for the   presentation to Blue Green.
On Slide 1, format the   background with the Water droplets texture, and then change the Transparency   to 50%.
Select Slides 2 through 4, and   then apply a Solid fill to the background of the selected slides—in the   second to last column, the third color.
On Slide 2, hide the background   graphics.
On Slide 2 insert a Table with 3   columns and 4 rows. Apply table style Medium Style 3 – Accent 3, and then   type the information below in the inserted table.Trip   Type Day One Day   Two Adventure   Seeker Kayak and Snorkel Nature Preserve HikeFamily-Friendly Pacifica Bay Zoo Beach Day and Horseback   RidingArts   & Culture Pacifica Bay   Art Museum Artisan Walk
Resize the table so that its   lower edge extends to 3 inches on the lower half of the vertical ruler   (height 4.72″), and then distribute the table rows. Align the table text   so that it is centered horizontally and vertically within the cells.
In the table, change the Font   Size of the first row of text to 24. Apply a Divot Cell Bevel to the first   row.
On Slide 3, animate the picture using the Wipe entrance effect   starting After Previous. Change the Duration to 01.00. Apply the Split   entrance effect to the bulleted list placeholder, and then change the Effect   Options to Vertical Out.
On Slide 4, insert a Clustered   Column chart. In the worksheet, beginning in cell B1, type the following   data. After typing the last number in the worksheet—67300—press ENTER. Do not press TAB.  In row 1, beginning in cell B1: Year   1, Year 2, Year 3  In row 2, beginning in cell A2: Spring, 75600, 72300, 81460  In row 3, beginning in cell A3: Summer, 105300, 128730, 143600  In row 4, beginning in cell A4: Fall,   35900, 58300, 58320  In row 5, beginning in cell A5: Winter, 41600, 58430, 67300
Apply Chart Style 8 to the   chart, and then remove the Chart Title element. Apply the Wipe entrance   effect to the chart and change the Effect Options to By Series.
On Slide 5, apply the Style 1   background style to this slide only. (Mac users, format the background using   Solid Fill color White, Background 1.) 
From your downloaded grader   files, insert the video p03G_Video.mp4.   Change the Video Height to 6 and use the Align Center and Align Top options to position the   video. Apply the Simple Beveled Rectangle video style.
On the Playback tab, change the   Video Options to Start the video Automatically. Trim the video so that the   End Time is 00:09 and then compress the media in Standard Quality or Low   Quality depending on your version of PowerPoint. (Mac users, the Compress   Media feature is not available in the Mac version of PowerPoint.)
On Slide 6, hide the background   graphics, and then format the slide background by inserting a picture from   your downloaded project files— p03G_Background.jpg.   Set the Transparency to 0%
Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the Date and time updated automatically, the   Page number, and a Footer with the text 3G_Travel   Display the document properties. As the Tags type travel, tourism
Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.

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