Project risk and qlty management

1. Provide an example of the upside of risk and explain the concept.
2. Explain how Enterprise Risk Management varies from traditional risk management?
3. What are fiev examples of internal and external drivers of an organization’s risk culture?
4. Provide an example company, give a description of the organization and its work area. Define what a SWOT is.  Perform a SWOT for your example company and rationalize each of the company characteristics you choose.
5. Explain what a KPI is.  How might we use KPI’s is doing a risk analysis for an organization.  Choose five KPI’s for the Amazon organization and explain why you have made your choices. 
6. Explain the Delphi Techniques.  How might it be used in comimg to consensus on risk identification related to an IT driven project?
7.  A popular hotel has continued to lose business in its room service food sales over the last five years.  Using the Six Sigma DMAIC process explain what you would do in each step of the process to improve the sales – provide relevant, practical details. What statistics would you apply and why?
8.  Explain the Plan, Do, Check, Act concept – provide a practical example.  How might it be applied in improving project quality?
9. Explain the concept of Continuous Improvement – provide an example. How might it be combined with a Lean approach
10. Explain the primary inputs and outputs in the Project Management Institute Quality Knowledge Area.

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