Purpose of assessment task: Providing health-related education to clients

Purpose of assessment task: Providing health-related education to clients

Purpose of assessment task:

Providing health-related education to clients plays an important role within health promotion for the community health nurse. The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of health education provided by the community health nurse and its role within health promotion.

Assignment task:
Discuss the role of the community health nurse in planning evidence based health education relevant to one knowledge deficit identified within Anne Giovanni’s case study (Breast Cancer) in an effort to improve her health outcomes.

Anne’s Case Study:
Anne Giovanni is a 26 year old Italian Catholic primary school teacher who resides with her grandmother. Anne’s grandmother is heavily involved in their Roman Catholic Church in East Brunswick and considers faith to be an important part of family life and values. Anne has had a boyfriend for two years who she sees weekly but otherwise spends most of her time with her girlfriends from Church.
Anne has been referred to you by her General Practitioner for education after she had attended an appointment in tears, confused by the news that her best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, requiring a double mastectomy. Anne was under the impression that “only old women” can be diagnosed with breast cancer and is now afraid for her own health. Since hearing the news of her friend, Anne has heard all sorts of rumours about breast cancer. Anne has heard that because she has been wearing an underwire bra since a young age she is more likely to get breast cancer and her grandmother has said that because she hasn’t had children yet she will probably get breast cancer when she is older.
Anne has returned to the clinic two weeks after her last appointment, having gone away to think about some of the education you provided to her about breast cancer.
She is grateful for the information you shared but has one burning question “Sometimes my breasts hurt a lot, and I think it has been since I received the cervical cancer vaccine, could it cause breast cancer?”
Anne’s question makes you question whether you need to evaluate the success of your health teaching. You question Anne further on her knowledge of the Human Papilloma vaccination only to find that since receiving the vaccine in her teens, she has been of the belief that she does not need protection when engaging in sexual activity because she is protected from “the icky” diseases now, and “I’m in a committed relationship and neither of us has been with anyone else”. She insists that her boyfriend “uses the withdrawal method” when you ask her about family planning.

Student instructions for assessment task:
To be successful with this assessment task you are strongly advised to:
• Draw upon relevant concepts and knowledge covered in this unit
• Identify relevant literature and other sources of evidence to explain health promotion as an essential role of the community health nurse. References should mainly include refereed journal articles and ideally be no more than eight years old. The suggested readings in the unit are a good place to start. References to google websites and/or Wikipedia are not appropriate for this assessment task.
• Ensure that your response includes all of the elements necessary for planning evidence based education and addresses the importance of cultural awareness in relation to Ann Giovanni’s case study
• Self-assess your assignment against the marking rubric before submission. This will enable you to make sure that all the required elements have been covered.

Front page: to include student name and number, Assignment title and word count.
Spacing: double spacing, with the exception of the reference list page which is to be single spaced
Font and size: 12 point Arial or Calibri
Adhere to word limit requirements (within 10%). The word count does not include headings, references page, reference citations and direct quotes.
A reference list should be provided and be on a separate page headed ‘References’ at the end of the assignment Appendices (if applicable) are attached after the reference list page
Table of contents: Do not include a table of contents unless instructed to do so
Headings to be used in assignments of >3,000 words
Provide page numbers on each page not including title page
Student number should be included in the header
Your assignment should be converted to a PDF document before submission. Please check the document before submitting to the dropbox to ensure the formatting has not changed. Software for converting word documents to PDF is available to download from the Deakin software catalogue at no cost.
Must contain a purposeful introduction that outlines what will be discussed in the assignment. The body of the assignment will constitute about 80% of the word limit and provide key arguments supported by literature. The body of the assignment is normally organised in paragraphs of approximately 100-150 words with each paragraph focused on explanation of one idea. There should be a logical progression of ideas as demonstrated by logically linked arguments/points made in each paragraph. Each paragraph should commence with a topic sentence and end with a link to the next paragraph. The conclusion paragraph should provide a summation of ideas, draws together the discussion, presents no new material (references are not expected in the conclusion paragrap2h) and offers the student’s position drawn from the discussion.

Communicate using academic writing:
Adhere to conventions of written English (word choice, professional language, grammar, use of appropriate sentence structure, punctuation and spelling)
Use of direct quotations: Unless really necessary, most assignments do not require the use of direct quotes, but rather the re-expression of other’s arguments into your own words. If a direct quotation is used, the student must explain how it adds to the discussion.

Referencing style:
Acknowledge sources and adhere to referencing conventions as per Harvard Style www.deakin.edu.au/referencing

Word Count 2,000 words please, reference list does not include into word count and reference list can be single spaced.

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