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Immigration Management Report

Among the many different issues affecting the United States today, immigration remains to be at center stage. America currently holds residence for at least 313,914,040 (fact finder: US) individuals both immigrants and non immigrants alike. From this count of individuals residing in the United States, survey reveals that at least 300, 642,420 (fact finder: US) come from other races. Observably, it is quite obvious as to how the ones coming from another race other than being a pure American outnumber the number of the locals living in several American communities. This indicates how important it is for the immigration policies to be reformed.

However, like in any other types of laws, the need to be unbiased is important. Given the chance to head the said reformation of a very important law, the committee to be involved in the reformation process needs to have representatives from the local members of the community, another coming from the body of immigrants and another representative coming from the administrative wing of the operation. Through getting opinions and suggestions from these representatives, it is expected that the vision of all sectors of the community involved in the issue would be given voice and attention to. Calling upon candidates for the committee will be the first step to be taken into consideration.

Given the chance to work with the right individuals who have the right knowledge and background about the issue, the committee shall be tasked to collect relative data on what specific policies in the law relating to immigration is making it weak especially when it comes to identifying requirements when getting into the country. Other tasks would include inclusive research on how the problems could be resolved based on the vision of each representative; from these suggestions, coming up with a single and strategic resolution policy shall be considered through close analysis of the situations involved in the issue.

Somehow, one particular challenge that the committee might encounter along the way is the manner of making single decision from many possible resolutions to the problem. Having representatives from all sectors involved in the issue may be the reason for such commotion. Nevertheless, having effective and directive management operations could contain the situation accordingly.


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