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 14 hours agoCallie O’Brien Unit 2 DiscussionCOLLAPSEI hypothesize that a majority of Ruben’s challenging behavior functions to gain attention. From the data the the teacher and instructional assistant took it appears that most of his challenging behaviors occur when he is not getting attention from his peers or from instructors ( Chandler & Dahlquist, 2014). An example of this would be when he removes the book from the teacher ( Chandler & Dahlquist, 2014 ). When Ruben is actively participating in an activity with peers or instructors he does not exhibit disruptive behaviors, for example when he is passing out materials ( Chandler & Dahlquist, 2014 ). Ruben is unable to communicate his wants and needs effectively. I believe that his behavior for attention is his current way of communicating.This is not the only function for all of his behaviors. They sometimes function under escape or access. When given a demand and then is made to follow through he hits and reacts when items are denied to him (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2014). Because there are multiple functions controlling different behaviors I would want to ask the intructors most commonly see as far as behaviors. I would also like to know if these behaviors occur every day during the same activities or not. I would want more data then what is given. I am also curious what they classify as disruptive behavior.
Chandler, L. K., & Dahlquist, C. M. (2014). Functional Assessment: Strategies to Prevent and Remediate Challenging Behavior in School Settings (4th Edition). Pearson Learning Solutions.

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