Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  (A) Choose a legal issue recently covered in the news that

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 
(A) Choose a legal issue recently covered in the news that was faced by a business in the United States. 
(B) Discuss the legal issue or issues involved. 
(C) Explain how the law and/or constitution were applied or could be applied in the resolution of the issue (s).  Be specific as to the law or constitutional provisions and briefly explain what they allow or prohibit.

Kimberlee post
I currently work at a museum, which is state owned, and falls under the umbrella of Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH). Because MDAH is a large organization made up of multiple entities, divisional structure is used as the organizational structure. A divisional structure is composed of separate business units which work together to produce a product or service. Within MDAH there are several separate divisions such as Administration, Archives and Records Services, Historic Preservation, and the Museums Division, just to name a few. Though we do not produce or manufacture a product, every division works together to maintain the history of Mississippi through the upkeep of historical grounds, artifacts, and different museums throughout the state.
Although the museum that I work in is underneath the divisional structure of MDAH, the museum itself utilizes a functional structure. There are multiple teams; exhibits, archaeology, IT, and more within the museum that work together based on their skills, knowledge, or techniques required to perform their jobs. There is no need to change in the structure of MDAH because each division has been established over years to become what they are today. Each division grows stronger through innovation and empowerment and strive to preserve the history of our state.

Sandy post
Walmart is an organization that I am familiar with. The organization uses the hierarchical functional organizational structure because of its massive size. It has thousands of employees globally, and thus, there is no alternative organizational structure for the firm, that will ensure the efficient management of such a large number of workers. Walmart’s chief executive officer is the most influential individual within the management hierarchy. The company’s ranking is based on functions and command lines, command lines outline reporting destinations and powers of each worker (Dudovskiy, 2016). Directives originate from the top-level management, where messages or decisions are later relayed to the middle-level management, who later pass the orders to their subordinates who implement them within the organization. This structure enables the organization to make decisions quickly.
Another organizational structure that Walmart can integrate within its system is the divisional organizational structure. This structure allows a company to have divisions which control its resources, allowing the division to operate as its own organization in a larger company. Every division can have its sales team, marketing team, and technological team. Considering that Walmart is a huge company, the divisional structure will be effective, for it will empower different divisions to make choices without solely relying on the chief executive officer or all employees (Jones & George, 2020). The decision-making process will depend on a few executives. This structure not only offers quicker responses to customer needs or industry changes, but also promotes autonomy, independence, and a customized approach for the company. A matrix structure can also be appropriate for the organization. This structure is appropriate for Walmart considering that the organization often launches new marketing campaigns and products. The structure will encourage the thousand of workers to utilize their expertise in varying capacities, other than their original roles.

Edgar post
The legal issue I pick is a corporation’s ability to engage in free speech. It is limited in the case of Juul labs because the marketing that was used was restricted recently. JUUL brands is no longer allowed to market the product like it did before. This business faced a legal issue in regard to how its products were being marketed to the public. I believe that Juul labs first amendments rights were restricted because its products and speech were banned. I certainly do not agree with the marketing that was used. For example, some of its ads were more appealing to younger kids instead of the the target group it was trying to sell. The government has not only restricted this corporation’s free speech, but its flavored products have been banned altogether with the exception of menthol flavor. The law and free speech limitations have changed the way the company operates and markets its vaping products. Even though our Constitution guarantees every individual and corporation free speech, it seems as though Juul Brands pushed the envelope and forced the government to impose some kind of restriction on speech. The ability to market JUUL products will never be the same. The issue was covered by the media and the company was forced to pay fines and change the way it markets its product.

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