Sample Annotated Bibliography On Obesity Around The World

Dellorto, D. (2012, December 14). Global report: Obesity bigger health crisis than hunger. CNN. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

According to the article, obesity is becoming a global threat compared to the world hunger crisis. Many parts of the world are seeing the increase of obesity in the countries with exception of sub-Saharan countries. Many countries in the Middle East are being affected by obesity because of the adoption of western culture and lifestyle. The global obesity rate has increased to 82% in the last two decades. Diabetes, heart diseases and stroke are all linked to obesity. Obesity is now being treated as a global epidemic because it is spreading globally. In the past two decades obesity did not affect many countries, but today the rate at which it is spreading is alarming. According to a study in the 1990, people are living longer than projected. Men are living an additional 10years and women are living 12 years longer. Also, the people with heart diseases have decreased by 70%, but there are many people being diagnosed with heart diseases. My opinion about obesity is that it is not just being overweight from eating high calorie foods but it is a sickness. A few decades ago, countries that did not have obesity now have it and it is affecting their population growth. It is important for global organizations to come up with a remedy for obesity because it is ravaging the world at a faster rate.

Dunham, W. (2014, May 28). Weight of the world: 2.1 billion people obese or overweight. Reuters. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

Obesity was known to be very common in rich or developed countries, but that’s not the case today. Obesity is now affecting people in rich and poor countries alike. According to researchers, 2.1 billion of the world’s population is obese or overweight. The United States had the world’s largest percentage of obesity in their population, but today, countries in in North Africa, Middle East, and Caribbean are reporting high rates of obesity in their population. Obesity is caused by eating cheap, sugary, salty and high calorie junk food sold in fast food restaurants, vendors and other places depending on the country. Diseases linked with obesity kills millions of people every year according to the World Health Organization. Obesity is also affecting nearly 50% of children and adolescent worldwide. The problem of obesity is extremely serious among men and women in North African countries like Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others. In these countries 58% of adult men suffer from obesity and 65% of women suffer from obesity. This source will help support my opinion that obesity is a disease and there should be a solution to help prevent it around the world. Obesity is killing millions of people every day and it should not be taking lightly.

Mercola. (2014, June 11). Obesity Epidemic Is Now a Global Health Threat. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

According to analysis from research, more than half of the world’s obesity population is located in ten countries. These countries are the United States, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia and Germany. Obesity does not only affect the world’s richest countries anymore this because many developing countries are adopting western culture and lifestyle. Obesity is now an epidemic because of the rate at which it affecting people in different countries all around the world. This source also gives some ways to help reduce or prevent obesity all over the world. Firstly, people have to reduce calories to lose weight. People should avoid eating junk food or cheap foods. Secondly, people should eat diet foods. For instance avoid eating sweet foods and start eating probiotics or yoghurt and rink clean water. Thirdly, people should eat food with less cholesterol. Less cholesterol foods helps prevent heart diseases and other major diseases. Also exercising is a big part of fighting obesity. People who are obese do not exercise their bodies. Exercising does not only help the body but also the immune system and the heart. Obesity is mainly linked to immune and heart diseases. This source supports my opinion about Obesity being a disease and a there should be a cure or a solution to help prevent it.

Obesity rates climbing worldwide, most comprehensive global study to date shows. (2014, May 28). ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 26, 2014, from

The rate at which obesity is affecting both children and adults worldwide has been increasing rapidly. The highest rate of obesity is being recorded in both rich and poor countries. Obesity is a disease because it is affecting almost every country in the world. The article also supports the argument that obesity is a global crisis that needs to be takes seriously. According to Professor Gakidou, other global health risks issues like tobacco and child malnutrition is decreasing, but obesity is not. The number of people being affected by obesity is increasing rapidly. According to this article, the United Nations has a target to stop the rise in obesity by 2025. This is an ambitious solution to solve the problem, but without the right actions and research this could be an impossible to achieve. According to the article, the rate of obesity is starting to slow down in developed countries. Some developed countries are finding different forms of solutions to help prevent the rate of obesity in their population. This article supports my opinion about obesity. For many years, the issue of obesity has slipped under the global radar and has not been taken seriously. Today, obesity is a global epidemic, a disease that is affecting both children and adults and it is killing millions of people every year.

Painter, K. (2014, May 28). The whole world has a weight problem, new report says. USA Today. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

The battle against obesity is now catching global attention because of the number of people it affects and kills every year. Today, 30% of the world’s population is obese in just two decades. Obesity is affecting people in developed countries than developing countries, but rising in both. Obesity is affecting men, women and children at the same rate in both developed in developing countries. The article also provides a chart that goes thirty years back to see how rapidly obesity is spreading worldwide. In the past 30 years people with obesity has increased from millions to billions. Obesity is now a global threat, one that exceeds other health diseases. According statistics, 24% of boys and 22% of girls have obesity in developed countries. According to the article, obesity is caused by lack of exercise, high calorie intake and changes in diet composition. In countries like the United States, people do not eat foods that contain carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and meat. People eat too much of one, like too much protein, fatty or high calorie foods. The article provides statistical data that support my opinion of taking obesity as a serious global threat. I think obesity is a disease because it kills millions of people every year. Global organizations like the United Nations should find solutions to prevent the rise of obesity in the world.

Worldwide obesity rates see ‘startling’ increase over past 3 decades. (2014, May 29). Medical News Today. Retrieved October 28, 2014, from

This source talks about the worldwide spread of obesity. Many nations and global organizations are making it their goal to stop obesity. Men, women and children are affected by obesity today. Obesity is a global health risk that needs to be taken seriously. Global health risks issues such hunger, malnutrition and others are being prevented, but obesity is increasing rapidly. People in both developed and developing countries are affected as much. Today, obesity is no longer a developed country disease. Countries in North Africa, Middle East and South America in past three decades did not have high rates of obesity in their population. Today, countries in these regions have a high percentage of obese in their population than some developed countries. These countries have adapted to the western lifestyle and culture by eating sugary, salty and high calorie foods. The lack of balanced diets also causes obesity. People eat either too much protein or too many fatty foods, less carbohydrates and vegetables. The source supports my opinion of obesity being a worldwide disease. Obesity is a global crisis because it is killing people and has affected about 30% of the global population. The solution to preventing obesity is for people to eat healthy and exercise frequently or get active. Many countries should start finding solutions to help prevent the rise obesity before it gets out of control.

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