spiritual nursing care

spiritual nursing care

. Review a minimum of three reliable resources that provide insight on the subjects of
religion, spirituality, spiritual nursing care, and spiritual assessment tools. NOTE: The
Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN) is excellent for this assignment.
2. Definition/Description of Religion/Spirituality ) __________
Required areas that must to be included (up to 12 points for each area):
• Define the concepts of religion and spirituality supporting these definitions with
citations from professional literature that you have read.
• Describe differences between religion and spirituality.
• Discuss your personal definition of spirituality.

Personal Application of Spiritual Care (__________
Required areas that must be included (up to 15 points for each area):
• Describe the role of spirituality in providing holistic nursing care.
• Describe personal comfort level with assessing for and providing spiritual care.
• Discuss ways to provide spiritual care to patients who are not of the Judeo-Christian
• Describe a personal clinical experience of providing spiritual care.

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