Stakeholder Analysis regarding OCCUPATIONAL CONTACT DERMATITIS

Analyze the potential stakeholders and team members for your project. Describe who should be included

in the multidisciplinary team and why by considering the following:

Who is the key strategic supporter or champion for your project? Who are the other stakeholders?
Who will benefit from the project’s success? What impact will the project have on these key

Who controls the power and authority within the organization? Of what importance is this to the

project’s development, launch, evaluation, and maintenance?
For each stakeholder, discuss:

What are the goals, motivations, and interests?
What is the power and influence?
What role will each take in the project?
How much support might you expect?
What level of participation does the individual desire?
Who is supportive of the project? Who is skeptical about the project?
Read Tuckman and Jensen’s 1977 article, “Stages of Small Group Development Revisited” from Group

Organization Studies, volume 2, issue 4, pages 419–427.

Read Manktelow’s article, “Stakeholder Analysis: Winning Support for Your Projects.”
Read Manktelow’s article, “Stakeholder Management and Planning: Planning Stakeholder Communication.”
On the MindTools Web site, explore the tabs for decision making, leadership skills, and problem


Read Chapter 10, “Collaboration,” from Hamric, Spross, and Hanson’s book, Advanced Practice Nursing: An

Integrative Approach, pages 343–373.
Read Drenning’s 2006 article, “Collaboration Among Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Nurse

Researchers to Achieve Evidence-Based Practice Change” from Journal of Nursing Care Quality, volume 21,

issue 4, pages 298–301.
Read Reinertsen, Bisognano, and Pugh’s 2008 white paper, Seven Leadership Leverage Points for

Organization-Level Improvement in Health Care (2nd ed.).

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