The Early History of a Major Live Theater operator: Warner Bros

The Early History of a Major Live Theater operator: Warner Bros

TOPIC: The Early History of a Major Live Theater operator: Warner Bros.

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  • This is my outline, if it is useful:
  1. Warner Brothers family history
    • The four brothers that wanted to get started in the film industry
      • Harry, Albert, Sam, & Jack


  1. How did the brothers get themselves into the new booming industry at the time?
    • Established a nickelodeon in Newcastle, Pa. in 1905
    • Expanded into film distribution business in 1907
    • Warner Bros. motto — “Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten”


  • Warner Brothers Successes
    • They produced their first full-scale pictures (1918)
      • “My Four Years in Germany” – $1.5 million
    • Purchased property
      • Warner Bros. West Coast Studio was born
    • Their successes with their musical and film
      • “ The Jazz Singer”
        • First major talking picture, not first sound film
        • Vita-phone was introduced
          • Sam Warner – Strongest supporter of the technology


  1. The Warner Bros. struggles and what happened to them
    • Sam Warner died
    • Forced to divide the company due to the government’s Consent Decree
      • Jack sold off most of the studio’s pre-1950 library of classic films for just $21 million
    • Harry and Albert retired – sold their shares – Jack lost interest and retired
      • Jack secretly bought his brothers’ shares through a consortium
        • Became the sole head of the studio – brothers never forgave him
      • Harry died after 1958 – Jack didn’t attend his funeral
    • Name changed to “Warner Communications Inc. (1971)
      • Merged with Time, Inc. ($18 billion merger)
        • Became one of the largest communications and entertainment companies in the world.


  1. Conclusion: Warner Bros. continues to grow and prosper
    • Nine best picture Oscar winners
    • Biggest grossing hit
      • Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows, part.2
      • The Dark Knight
    • Known for their green-lighting mega-franchise
      • Lord of the Rings/ Hobbits/Sherlock Holmes/ Hangover, etc.

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