What are scholarly sources?Discuss

For your one theoretical source, you may select one of the following texts we examined in units 1 and 2:
Joy Castro’s “Hungry” or “On Becoming Educated” (WoR pp. 207-215, or links in Week 1 module)
Ruth Behar’s “The Vulnerable Observer” (WoR pp. 109-129)
Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me” (WoR pp. 242-252)
The general organization of an annotated bibliography is as follows: the first page is the introduction page, which has a title, introduction, and thesis statement. Then, the following pages of the annotated bibliography are the bibliographic entries (I call them “source pages”) for each of the five required sources for this paper — and, ultimately, Essay 3.
What are scholarly sources? These are peer reviewed journal articles written in the field of your search topic. The best place to find these types of sources is on the library databases, including Credo Reference. Please note: students are required to use scholarly sources found on a library database. If a student uses non-scholarly articles, then the paper will suffer two full letter grades deduction (20 points), even if that material is ethically integrated and perfectly cited.
At the top of each source page will be:
The source’s full citation (also known as the Works Cited citation; see below for templates to follow)
An annotation that briefly summarizes the source
An annotation that briefly reflects on the source’s importance and how you’d use it in your proposed essay.
Please note: plagiarism won’t be tolerated, so make every effort to integrate and cite quotations perfectly, adhering to MLA citation standards. Should a student commit plagiarism on this assignment (even if accidentally), the assignment will automatically receive a failing grade, and the student will be reported to the college. Please take care when integrating source material!
The Process:
You will, first, engage in the research process: identify a topic that interests you and, then, narrow it to an appropriate research topic. Next, compose a central research question, and then conduct a search for scholarly secondary sources that aim to answer that research question. And, finally, evaluate these sources to whittle down to three scholarly sources to be annotated and explored in your Essay 2.
Then, you will begin the process of putting together your bibliography: first, compose the full citations for each source. Next, actively read each source to compose a summary annotation for each. Then, consider the relationships between all five sources to write an annotation for each source that explains how you would use that source in an argument. Finally, compose a title, an introductory paragraph, and a thesis statement that answers your research question and is supported by your research.

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