Which is more advantageous to you, a $1,000 tax credit or a $1,000 tax deduction?  Explain.

What’s the salary mentioned along with getting a CFP™ certification?
What does the acronym FAFSA stand for?
One of those “4 reasons you shouldn’t use a 529 Plan to pay for college” is just plain incorrect.  Which one, and how so?  (No worries, the answer is also found in the notes’ #3.
What percentage of WSSU students are taking student loans?
Is there a personal financial planning course offered by the UNC Online system?
What does the acronym CLEP stand for?
Are Black students encouraged to challenge authority in this section of the notes?
Do prison inmates qualify for Pell grants to help them obtain education which may help them qualify for jobs once they leave prison?
Briefly describe the way to get money for education referred to as an “income-share agreement.”
Describe one benefit and one detriment to having a job while also being a full-time student.
Describe how “tuition reimbursement” is usually handled by an employer.
Planning ahead:  At least one of your letters of recommendation should be written by a professor in your major. Does it matter whether you get an “A” in their course?
If you have a job, you might ask your supervisor whether you can turn your working there into an internship.  Name two general differences between a job and an internship.
If you borrow the national average amount in student loans at 4.66% to be repaid over 10 years, by the time you’ve paid it off how much will you have paid in interest expenses?
What percentage of Americans of ages 21 to 37 had received financial help from a relative or guardian, according to a 2018 survey?
Still not going to force you to read optional or personal advice items.
Some students feel I’m pretty harsh on where I rank buying life insurance.  Where would you prioritize it on this list?
Which is more advantageous to you, a $1,000 tax credit or a $1,000 tax deduction?  Explain.

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