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 write about Instagram (app)
No need for out side resources jest fact like foundation of Instagram and when. 
 Produce an at least 4-page “mini essay.” Please make sure it’s double spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font. 
 First, make an executive decision as to the direction of the paper.
 It’s very important that you care about the cultural product that you will review, as such evaluations depend on your insights, critiques, and value judgements.
Second, in 2 pages, start your review. Produce the opening paragraphs that will become the introduction to the longer paper. See the guidelines below:
While the media review is an idiosyncratic piece of writing, there are some conventions you should bear in mind while producing one.
The ultimate goal of media review is to explain to the reader whether a show, film, album, song, or any other kind of cultural product is worth their time. To explain to the reader whether a cultural product is worth their time, the author of a media review offers, and organizes the review around, an evaluative claim or set of claims about the cultural product’s success, failure, or mixture of the two.
These claims will depend on what aspect(s) of the product you want to focus on. A film, song, or episode of a show are complicated. The point of the review is not evaluate all aspects of your product; just the one’s you’re interested/believe the reader should hear about.
The main evaluative claim(s) should be established—either implicitly or explicitly—in the opening 1-3 paragraphs. Your reader should understand what product your reviewing (show, episode, etc) and, more or less, the direction/tone of the review: are you going to be talking about how the product is successful? A failure? What specifically will you focus on?
To justify evaluative claim(s), the author must provide “evidence” by mentioning and “judging” specific aspects of the product. If you want, let’s say, to evaluative the acting in an episode of Black Mirror as part of a review, you’d have to bring up at least one instance of it and explain how that instance supports your point. If the sole focus of your review is to talk about the acting in an episode, you’d be expected to provide several instances of acting.
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