Your assignment is to provide a final  report for Ruby Red Movie Theater in which you address the concerns that

 Your assignment is to provide a final  report for Ruby Red Movie Theater in which you address the concerns that  have been outlined in the previous six units of this class, indicating  any outsourcing or vertical integration options Ruby Red Movie Theater  may be able to implement.  Be specific regarding the analysis you  performed in each area of study. Your recommendations for improvements  for the theater should be based on economic theory and your analysis.  Your complete analysis of the theater, the industry, and opportunities  that may exist are crucial for the future profitability of the theater.  Revise the information from previous  assignments as needed and pull everything together to create a cohesive,  comprehensive report.
What this means is that this final report should  be original updated work, though it is based on your previous  assignments. Do not just copy and paste your previous assignments into  one paper. Also, be sure to incorporate any suggestions your instructor  made in your previous assignments.  New information will be added for Unit  VII, which will focus on the information provided in this unit. The  topics for this section will include why firms exist, the factors that  create a situation where vertical integration is desirable, and why  firms would use outsourcing, as well as how this information can be  applied to the Ruby Red Movie Theatre.  The following is a list of items and  sections you should include in your final report. Replace the unit  numbers with appropriate titles for the information in each section.  

Title page 
Table of contents 
Unit I 

Results write-up from Unit I, including recommendations 

Unit II

Results write-up from Unit II, including recommendations
Unit II Tables 
Unit II Graphs 

Unit III 

Results write-up from Unit III, including recommendations 

Unit IV 

Results write-up from Unit IV, including recommendations 
Unit IV Tables 

Unit V 

Results write-up from Unit V, including recommendations 
Unit V Tables 

Unit VI 

Results write-up from Unit VI, including recommendations 

Unit VII 

Results write-up from Unit VII, including recommendations 

Conclusions and final recommendations 
Reference page 
Insert labeled tables after the reference page 

Adhere to APA Style (APA 7th edition)  when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and  references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract  is needed.  

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